Stainless Steel Grip Screws With Rubber O Rings and Torx Key Set For CZ 75 85

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- Type: CZ 75/85 Standard Stainless Steel Torx screws.

- Made of high grade stainless steel, strong and durable.

- CNC machined with precise dimension and fit perfectly.

- Come with O rings in case any space between bushings and screws need to be absorbed.

- T10 Torx key included and easy to install.


Size: H x W: 0.38" x 0.14"; 50 TPI x Head Diameter: 0.27"                                                                           
- Material: 416 stainless steel                                                                           
- Hardness: ROC 39                                                               
- Weight: Aprox 0.14oz (4g)

Package include:

2 x Screws
2 x O Rings
1 x Torx Key